Midway project meeting

The halfway meeting of the INVASIVES project recently took place at Espegrend Marine Biological station (University of Bergen, Norway). Thirteen participants from five countries attended the meeting to discuss their work and future directions. This included many interesting presentations on progress in the different work packages. We were also joined by a representative from the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet), Ingrid Handå Bysveen, for a session to discuss interaction between scientists and management agencies. As typical for western Norway, the weather was disappointing – but the meeting was a great success!

INVASIVES meeting 2014, Espegrend (Norway)

INVASIVES meeting 2014, Espegrend (Norway). Upper row: Kjersti Sjøtun, Tania Aires, Filipe Henriques, Sabrina Le Cam, Karl Gunnarsson, Aschwin Engelen. Lower row: Caroline Armitage, Gwladys Surget, Valerie Stiger-Pouvreau, Sofie Vranken, Olivier De Clerck, Samuel Bosch